"The Giver"

By Lois Lowery

"A new world can be born with every baby or a new person"

To be reborn to find change and start all over fresh, and anew.
Lois Lowery wrote " The Giver." Which in my opioion a great book. A book about a boy who was set in a different world. A world with no emoitons or feelings, A world with pills taken everyday to take away all the feelings.Only one person in the commuity could feel only one person could have merories ,but only to help the elders. A simple twevle year old boy changing all of it and rebeling against a commuity that he knows no better,but in the end he just left his commiuty and found another. This novel was set into a movie, a lot changed in the movie to make it more exciting and dramamitc and more mature. As well as romanitc just to spark it up.

In the book keep in mind Jonas was only twevle, but in the movie this boy was fifiteen/sixteen. The affet of this would be Jonas would be more mature and having more valid feelings.Sense he`s older he seems has some appel and mature plus at the age of sixteen you expect more hormons from them. Which would be relaiding to most of the viewers. Plus now say you had to trust a twevle year old with are world would you really or would you rather trust someone with more attratction or appeal or something and older. honestly who really trusts a twelve your old anyway.

As well as that they can pull in romance with fiona.Everyone likes a little romance or romanitc movies as well and it have more appeal to the viewers in this age, and a twevle year old having a crush on a girl dosen`t mean much to anyone.

First of all, in the book Asher wasn`t friends towards the end of the book and no one stopped Jonas as he was leaving. Jonas was funny both in the book and the movie it was menionted more with cheesy jokes in the movie ,but they couldn`t probley express it as much as the book could so its good they did it that way. Also in the book Asher didn`t care that much on the order he would have killed Jonas on command he dosen`t feel anything for Jonas. When Asher tried to stop him from leaving or when he watced him and Fiona and got jealous. None of that happened or coud have happened but they put it in for drama and more of it. As well as Asher being put to kill him was in it for more drama which in the book never happened they just though he was dead, or even his little sister caring where he was she really didn`t.

Dramaitc Ironiry

Well in this book , Jonas head on expirened with " war", but no one else did no one else in their community understood what it was but only a game the only knowledge they had on it is what they could feel about a fun game kids play where they tag each other and make it seem all fun and games but the " dramaitc ironyt" was the fact Jonas had been in that Jonas had been though a wwar in the movie he went though watching others be killed annd in the novel he held water up with a broken leg laying next to someone dying i think in the movie his makes it a lot mor e dramaitc for him to expirce that and just seeing a broken leg and friend dying might noe be "dramamitc enough" for the movies or even just the fact war was so scary to him and he was too yough to understand what war really was anyhow the drmamitc iriony is these kids are playing such a game and smiling and havinf fun and they dont have a clue what there actully doing but joans dose or you could even inculde jonas saying " i miss i could go see the relase" but then he reliases what a relsea is he didnt know before he wanted to go see some kid get killed and thats a dramaitc irony