Thinking of taking trip, try Honduras. Hondrus' economy is mostly based off agriculture. It's government is a presidential representative democratic republic, whereby the President of Honduras is both head of state and head of government. The president right now is Juan Orlando Hermandez. It is a two party government and it also contains a constitution like the U.S. Its official language is spanish but english is used widely.
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There many things do while visiting Honduras. One place to visit is the mayan ruins located in Copan Valley. The Mayans were thought to have come to Honduras in 1200 B.C. One of the most visted places is the Copan mayan empire. Honduras is also known for its amazing adventures through the forests. On those adventures you can see many extravagant animals along the way. There is also amazing places to go both fishing and swimming. You can go deep see diving and go swimming with whale sharks and many other aquatic animals. A beautiful place to visit is the Rio Cangrejal. Another great place is the Roatan Wildlife Reserve where you can see many different animals, it is also a great place to visit with kids. There a lot more places to visit in Honduras you just have to be willing to explore.
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Weather and best time to visit

Honduras is a very tropical place, but tends to be temperate inland. Honduras dry season typically occurs between November and March. The rainy season occurs between April and October.Hurricanes are common in Honduras, especially on the Caribbean coast and Honduras's Bay Islands. The hurricane season takes place between June and November. Some tourist say that there is not bad time to visit Honduras. Others say to not go during the month of October because it is the most rainy time of the year. Most tourists come between the months of December and April.