West Olympia CC January 28

Foundations & Essentials Week 15, Challenge Week 3

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Mark your Calendar!

End of Year Celebration

  • Calvary Chapel
  • Monday, May 2, 2016
  • Set up at 4:30 for Potluck at 5:30
  • Program starts at 7pm

Challenge Overview Second Semester Week 3

Challenge A
  • Continuing to practice drawing Asia with capitals too!
  • Writing their last Science paper - on bats!
  • Finishing up "It Couldn't Just Happen"

Challenge B

  • Reading "Defeating Darwinism"
  • Begin to create timeline of the Mock Trial Case.
  • Reading "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" learning about "Story Focus."

Challenge I

  • Monitoring their Stock Trading accounts for Economics
  • Reading "Gift of the Magi" aloud with their parent
  • Reviewing Newtons Laws for Apologia's Physical Science Module 10

Challenge II

  • Tell your parent the latest installment of Caesar and the Roman army's activities in “The Helvetian Drive to the West."
  • Reading "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" and discussing the literary terms: Literary nonsense, Theme, Pseudonym, Anthropomorphism, Personification
  • Researching "Phylum Arthropoda" and writing a details lab report on the worm dissection from class time.

Essentials W14

Dice Games are FUN!! Try one of the games on THIS site for some simple games to build math skills.

Foundations Week 15: Digging Deeper

Make a Volcano! (substitute a mound of dirt for the volcano and a old prescription bottle for the hole for a more simple project.)

A handout about Angelico and painting with Gold leaf

Check your timeline card for more info on Henry the Navigator, but here is a little bio on him written for kids - and another that gives some interesting facts and more resources.

Protocol Event for Challenge I & II

Protocol is an event planned by the parents for Challenge I & II Students for the end of the semester. If you would like to be a part of the Parent Committee to plan this exciting evening for our students, contact Cathy Barbuto at cathyccchb@comcast.net.

Challenge I & II Yearbook Committee

Students from Challenge I & II are invited to participate in the yearbook committee headed up by Janice Uhlmeyer. If your student is interested in participating, please contact Janice at jandju@q.com.

Information Meetings

If you have a friend, family member, or maybe you just want a refresher, come to any of the Information Meetings scheduled for this semester:

February TBA, RSVP to Melissa at mrubert@classicalconversations.com

March 7, 7pm, West Side Panera, RSVP to Renee-Michelle at rmlkirk@hotmail.com

April TBA

Do you have a picture you want featured here? Send it to jenniferslemmer@comcast.net. *Due to volume, not all pictures can be posted *

Community Resources