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Thursday, August 6th, 2020

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Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

I am excited about the opportunity for us to start the 2020-2021 school year. Our core values are Safe, Positive, Learning, in that particular order. These values will inform and drive our decisions throughout the year. We also believe that it will take students, staff and parents to live out our vision and mission. Our vision is to see all Grissom students have a safe and positive learning community, and achieve grade level proficiency skills.

The first day of school is Wednesday, August 19th. In order to minimize large group settings we will not have a “Back to School Night” this year. This is one of the reasons you are receiving access to some information through Skyward, while the other information will be available at Textbook Distribution. Please be aware of which documents need your signature online and which need to be returned back to the school office.

In order to help get the process started, by developing positive relationships with students, we will be sending out a video of introductions from our staff. Our staff will be taking the time to introduce themselves and allow you to get to know them. We value and understand creating a positive environment will result in a positive community. We also understand that as a community, we must continually be in communication with each other. Please be sure to reach out by phone or email to our teachers and administrators about your questions, comments, and concerns. We will then do our best to work with you to make Grissom a safe and positive learning community.

We recognize this school year will present a number of predictable and unpredictable challenges for all of us. This is why I believe we have to live out our values. We will likely disagree at times about how to accomplish each one of these items, but hopefully we can always engage in positive and productive conservations about the process. I believe we are much stronger and more successful as one community working in the same direction instead of working against each other. Thank you in advance for your support and effort to help make this school year a success. Our measure of success will be based on how well we do to work with each other to make Grissom a safe and positive learning community.

Please carefully read through all information contained in this letter as we prepare for the beginning of school. Be sure to check out our website at for additional information.

We look forward to partnering with you on this journey and are confident that we will provide an excellent education while safeguarding each member of our school community.

Jean Milfort,



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August 19 – First Day of School:

Students will meet virtually with their Advisory class beginning at 9:05 a.m. Teachers will communicate with students via their school email account and through Canvas on how to access the teacher’s live classroom before the first day of school.

Important Documents and Forms:

Below are directions to access multiple documents and forms that have been placed in Skyward Family Access. Please be sure to click on each tile and update accordingly. Some forms will still require a physical parent signature. Those documents are included in your packet that you will receive during textbook distribution.

Emergency Contact Information:

Parents are encouraged to update and complete all emergency contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses in Skyward. Providing accurate information is critical for our staff to communicate effectively during emergency situations.

School Schedule:

Students will attend six (6) classes each day in addition to an Advisory class with classes beginning at 9:05 every day. Students will log into each class through Canvas at the start of the class period. During the class they will participate in live real-time synchronous instruction throughout each block with scheduled opportunities for guided practice and individual feedback.

Schedule Changes:

If there is an error in your student’s schedule, you may call or email Christina Johnson at or by calling the main office at 574-968-9628 to speak with your students counselor.

Virtual Transition Week for 6th Grade Students:

All sixth grade students are invited to participate in our First Annual Virtual Transition Week! This will begin August 10th.


Students can pick up their textbooks starting on Tuesday, August 11th. Families are asked to follow a schedule similar to the one used for textbook returns. This schedule is listed below. Sixth grade students and students new to PHM will also receive their textbooks at this time. If you have any textbooks at home, please return them to the school as soon as possible.

Chromebook and Textbook Distribution Schedule

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With safety in mind, we have created a schedule for you to come to pick up your child’s materials. Please note, you will only be able to enter the building during your assigned time.

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Please complete this form to let us know you are coming within your assigned window of time.

If you cannot come during your assigned time, you will need to note that on the survey above, and someone will contact you about a different retrieval time.

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  • We recommend that one parent comes to pick up their child’s items. If needed, the student that attends Grissom may accompany that parent.

  • ALL individuals (parents and students) entering the building must wear a face mask or face covering and keep it on during their stay in the building, per the recommendations of the health department. You will not be allowed in the building unless they are wearing a face covering.

  • All parents, please enter through door C.

  • Students with the last name A-L will walk to the LGI to pick up materials.

  • Students with the last name M-Z will walk to the IMC to pick up materials.

  • All materials will be grouped individually for each student and sorted by grade level and color.

    1. 6th Grade - Green

    2. 7th Grade - Yellow

    3. 8th Grade - Blue

  • Once you have picked up your materials, you will exit the room and walk to the cafeteria to pick up your schedule and sign out your materials.

  • Please exit through Door A.

Technology Login Information:

Please use the following instructions for students to access their email, Skyward, and Canvas.


  • Password: Passwords: ID number + phm (example: 123456phm)


  • Username: first initial + last name + last 2 or 3 digits of ID number (example: jdoe56 or jdoe456)
  • Password: ID number + phm (example: 123456phm)


All sixth grade students and students new to PHM will receive a new Chromebook. The Chromebook Acknowledgement Form must be signed by parents in Skyward Family Access or a signed paper copy should be brought in when picking up a student’s Chromebook. Any sixth grade student that checked out a Chromebook from their elementary school needs to bring it with a charger, and can pick up their new Chromebook during their scheduled time (see chart above).

Chromebook Repairs and Technical Assistance:

If your student is having difficulty with logging in to their Chromebook, the Chromebook requires repair, or if they need general Chromebook assistance, they can email our Grissom Building Tech, Robert Kowalinski at with any questions they have regarding Chromebooks, and he will be happy to assist them.

School Pictures and ID's:

All school and ID pictures will be taken when students return to school. All students will receive an ID. Students will use these ID’s when purchasing lunches once we return to school. This will be a new process for middle school students.

School Spirit Wear:

More information will be coming soon. Look for updates on the PTO Facebook page and through our emailed Smore newsletters.


Please complete the emergency contact information online as soon as possible. (This is imperative for the school nurse.)

If you have any questions, please contact our Main Office at 574-968-9628 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We look forward to welcoming your student to Grissom Middle School for another great year!

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