My Digital Reflective Portfolio

How have I proved I am literate in the 21st Century?

Skills Required to be Literate in the 21st Century

I consider myself to be literate in the 21st century because I not only communicate primarily through social platforms, I am doing so in a manner that requires me to do it over digital means. When communicating over social platforms, I must have the skills to navigate through those different platforms, and know how and when to create a certain digital picture, text, or tweet. For example, the photo to the side is of me participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge;I knew to post it when others were being posted or else it would not have been as relevant or important if it were posted when others were not. These skills accounts for my creation, navigation, implementation, and adaptation. Growing up when the digital age emerged, I had to adapt from the old definition of literacy to the new definition of literacy. This is the same for when I began encountering more complex text, shows and movies. These pieces I experience have different levels of complexity and obligates me to interpret and evaluate them depending on how they are presented. These skills I have presented are those necessary to qualify towards being literate in the 21st century.

Evidence of Literacy in 21st Century Texts

Throughout the process of completing my projects, I have proved I was textually, visually, socially, and digitally literate. The literary analysis of Little Brother and The Thin Blue Line film studies demonstrated my textual and digital literacy through the requirement of my skills on interpreting and evaluating the context of the pieces that aided in their analysis. The social advertising and reflective portfolio culmination is evidence of social and digital literacy because I had to create the assignments on social platforms on which they could be observed, implement prior knowledge on what message I thought would best reach peers (shown below) and adults in advertisements, learn how to navigate through the sites I used to create the projects on, and adapt the advertisements' messages to different audiences to effectively project my purpose. The websites the advertisements were placed on allows the audience to be engaged with multimedia and engage with others, presenting my ability to determine which component was most useful to convey those ideas. For these reasons I believe have shown ample evidence of my literacy in this class (that I will miss very much).

Justification (proof these means show my literacy)

I selected to prove I was literate over digital means on Smore, a website where you can share and create your own flyer. Putting my portfolio online shows my textual, visual, social, and digital literacy. My textual literacy communicates my interpretation of what skills are needed to be literate in the 21st century and evaluation of my literacy throughout the 21st Century Texts class. My visual literacy us proved cause of my ability to create the portfolio in the way I best thought would be perceived as professional, but still colorful and playful. Social literacy was demonstrated by my implementation of the portfolio on a website that requires navigation, thus engaging the audience. Last is digital literacy, exhibited through the process used to create the portfolio by adapting it to my audience's best interests. These interests include: making the portfolio visually appealing with eye-catching colors, bold font, and a picture to help the audience visualize. By utilizing these skills and projecting it on to this assignment, I believe proves I possess the skills necessary to be considered literate in the current time period.