1. Feudalism in the Middle Ages

Feudalism kept people seperate and made living easier!

2. Feudalism - A political or social system based on agreements between lords and vassals. Serfs lived on manors which included land owned by a noble/lord or vassal

2. King
Sat at the top of feudal society and ruled over large areas of land.

2. Church Officials and Nobles
Owned land and had much power and wealth.
3. Serfs worked the land and provided food for everyone at the manor.

3. Knights protected the nobles and serfs in exchange for a piece of land.

3. Church officials and nobles owned the land and gave it to serfs.

3. Kings gave land to the Church Officials and Nobles and ruled over that land.
4. The noble's power was based on the land he held in feud. (school.eb.co.uk)

4. In early feudal age, when a freeman gave up title to his land he became the lord"s "man" and promised his fealty (loyalty). this was called commendation.
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5. What did the serfs do for everyone at the manor?

5. What was the knights role in feudal society?
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7. This reminds me of slaves, how the serfs preformed back-breaking tasks for the lords manor.

8. Claire Freidhof 5th