Teaching Complexities

What does a teacher do?


    • To display communication skills, with the students, parent, and coworkers.
      • To ensure that all levels of a child’s education are smoothly transitioned
    • Holding parent teacher conferences
      • Help keep parents informed of child’s education and classroom awareness
    • Effectively teach each student on their level.
      • To ensure each child will be able to level effectively
    • Lesson planning
      • To ensure that each day is thought out properly and there is a format to the teaching
    • Classroom Management
      • To keep children on course and to keep learning active
    • Helping to monitor students during extracurricular activities
      • Helps to keep separate studious tasks from fun
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    • I will collaborate with other teachers by sharing lesson plans and but keeping them in the educational loop of each child
    • I will hold parent teacher conferences as often as possible. I hope to create a system so that if a child or parent needs me they can contact me whenever, through social media or directly.
    • I will create fun lesson plans and if they are successful and the children like them and learn I will communicate those to the community to help others in finding easier education.
    • I will also take any advice given to me whether it be by a colleague, a parent, an especially by my students

Professional Development

    • Continuous development is going to help you become the teacher that is needed by your students. In the past few years alone there has been a boom in technology and scientific experiences. A good teacher must keep up with the changing work and educational systems to maintain relevant information. We all must learn every day to teach every day or will as teachers will be outdated.
    • Self-assessment
    • Observations
    • Continuing educational courses


    • Advantages
      • Quicker communication, computers allow to send, and receive information very fast. Through emails, and social media
      • Technology can make lesson interesting and easier to understand. Due to addition of graphics and possible other languages.
    • Disadvantages
      • Lack of technological skills
      • Computer errors or issues can hinder the speed of learning

Research-Based Strategies

    • Begin a lesson with a short review or previous learning
      • This is going to check the memory of the students and show if you need to review a topic again
    • Present new material in small steps with students practice after each step
      • This will encourage learning, and will ensure student are comprehending what is taught
    • Provide models
      • This is using a type of learning style to help the student
    • Obtain a high success rate
      • This will ensure that the students have grasped the topic and allow you to continue
    • Engage students in weekly and monthly review
      • This will ensure the student have retained the knowledge being taught in the classroom