Weekly Launch

October 1-5


-Please be sure and welcome Katelyn Smith to our NPE family! She is joining us from Hyde Elementary. She will be our new para in SLL-AB with Melody Tanigawa and Sheila Garcia.

Please continue to have talks with students during your morning meetings about threatening words. We are continuing to have issues.

Brenda, Jen M. and I will be out part of day on Thursday and all day Friday. Charidy will be our substitute admin. Please take care of all the issues that you can with phone calls to parents and use each other for cool down time. Thanks!

Important Dates

October 1-


Standards Based Grading-2nd

October 2-

Wear your college shirt


Watch D.O.G.S. Launch event 5:30

October 3-

Buckels-off campus pm

Murray-off campus all day



October 4-


Buckels-out all day

Sweeney-out p.m.


October 5-

Buckels-out all day

Murray-out all day

Sweeney-out all day

1st BAS window closes

2nd BAS scores due in AWARE

Character Corner

Word of the Week-resolve conflict

Word of the Month-Responsibility

Morning Announcements-Young

Goal Setting

Big picture

Word of the Week-frequent

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for Shara Mills for wanting to help 1st grade with their character board. It turned out awesome!-Stephanie Hirsch

This compliment is for Nancy and Paul Kramer for bringing the staff a huge pan of eggs and pancakes from Denny's. Paul made a special trip to the school with syrup. Yum! -Renee Rain

This compliment is for Sandy Varner because she is always so willing to help with anything! I appreciate her taking the time to model our new conventions curriculum resource!-Mallory Davis

This compliment is for Emily Matthew who let my class "evacuate" to her room when we had a snake in my classroom. THen, she stepped up and helped to get rid of my uninvited guest.-Michele Radler

Shout Outs

-Shout out to 2nd grade for checking on their students at block during the fire drill.

-Shout out to Susan, Pamela, Jen M., and Robin for presenting at the faculty meeting

-Shout out to Susan B, Jen M and Susan R for helping organize the display for International night!

-Shout out to all of you who came to International Night

-Shout out to K-2 for getting all their data into AWARE on time!

-SHout out to Lacey Turrentine for filling out a mini grant!!


K-2 Station pictures from our Learning Walk

ESL-Instead of Charts

Goal Setting and Tracking Sheets