FSMS Library

November 2015

In Everything Give Thanks!

November is a month for thanksgiving, and in the FSMS Library, many events and circumstances brought thanks! See the photos and captions below for a synopsis.

FSMS Library November Statistics:

Number of Classes Served through Book Circulation: 37 (for the year = 184)

Number of Classes Served for Curriculum Purposes: 28 direct instruction (for the year = 136); 27 different teachers represented through 97 student sign-ins to the library during the school day to work on assignments/projects &/or to turn in assignments (for the year = 86 teachers represented through 747 student sign-ins).

Number of Students from 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. daily: 518 (for the year = 1,563)

Number of Students during CROWD (in-school tutorial time; includes Makerspace and Bluebonnet Book Club): 545 (for the year = 1,639)

Book Circulation: 2,546 (for the year = 10,564)

Follett Shelf ebooks and eContent: Read/Play Online: 251; Download: 42 (for the year = 325; 57) - November saw a LARGE increase over the previous two months!

Book Intra-library Loans (ILL's) to FSMS students: 2 (for the year = 18)

Technology Assistance:

  • technology reservations for teacher-requested devices and/or labs
  • updating and/or installing apps on school iPads
  • some resetting of passwords for student's Edmodo account
  • printer issues