Why you should be physically active

Tiphonie murray

Why should I be physically active for 60 minutes ? What do I get out of it ?

You should be physically active because it is the essential component of healthy life style. It can help prevent a range of chronic diseases; heart disease,cancer,stroke. Physical activity controls weight, builds lean muscle, joint development ,and decreases the risk of obesity. Children and teens need to play 60 min to grow up to a healthy weight.

How many days of the week should I do it ?

5 days a week 60 min for children/teens 5 days a week 30 min for adults

games you should play

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why 60 minutes?
  2. What does exercise do for you?
  3. Does adults have to do this ?
  4. How long is the adults time?
  5. Will this make you healthier?