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How to Schedule a Follow-Up Reminder

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to use this feature?

This is a new feature to MAP-Works and it allows you to set meetings for advance. The Retention uses it to not forget to touch base with at-risk students.

In what form is the reminder sent to me?

An email is sent to your Racermail account. The email encourages you to log-in to MAP-Works to check on your Follow-Up Statuses on the date you set.

Does the reminder give me the student's name in the email?

No. The email is only a reminder to sign-in to MAP-Works. The steps below will walk you through how to create and check a Follow-Up Status.

Step 1

Log-in to MAP-Works. You can find the link in your myGate account under the Employee tab.
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Step 2

After you open MAP-Works, you will be on the Home page. You can search for a student in the upper, right-hand corner. In the search bar you have the option to look up a student by name, M number, or email address.
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Step 3

Once you are on the student's individual page, you will see their picture, name, and other contact information.

To set a follow up reminder, hover over the student's name and click.

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Step 4

A drop-down box will appear. In the list of actions, select "Set Follow-Up Status".
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Step 5

A box will appear with a default "Scheduled" meeting. If you no longer needed the meeting, you could change it to "Completed". There is also an option for a Follow-Up Date. If you click the blank area a calendar will appear.

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Follow-Up Set!

On the date you selected an email will be sent to your Racermail account. The email will tell you to log-in to MAP-Works and check the Follow-Up Status.

To see your Scheduled Follow-Ups

Select the "Student Tracking" tab. Once on the Student Tracking page you can select your Real Time List.
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Last Step

After you select our Real Time List a dropbox will appear. One of the standard lists is "Follow-Up Scheduled". After you select the action your list will change to those students you indicated.
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Need Additional Assistance?

Please contact me, Ben Stinnett, in the Retention Office. You can connect with me by phone at 270.809.2274 or by email,