Aries Rising

Bonnie Hearn Hill

Main Characters

The main characters are Chili, Paige, Nathan, Logan, Charles, Mr. Franklin and Ms. Snider.


Logan and her friends found an Astrology book in one of the boxes in the spare room. At school the Language teacher Mr. Franklin wants to submit one of Logan's writings in to the Fellowship award. The next day (The Gears) plod a prank one Ms.Snider and she wasn't that happy. Logan got more interested in the Astrology book and started to figure out peoples sun sings and moon sings. Logan got so good at reading peoples sun sings so she thought that if her reads more about Nathan's (her crush) sun sign then we would start to notice her. After a with the Gears kept doing pranks and even destroyed one of Logan's colons in the schools new paper. When Logan found out who the gears are she was so happy but there would be risks to them the gears Were Geneva (worst enemy) her little brother and his friend, Nathan witch dropped out a few months a go and a few other people.