The Gold Rush

By Georgia


In 1848 a man named James Marshall found gold in California people want to get rich .Many miners rushed to California to find gold .The California Gold Rush of 1848 was a very exciting time for adventurers seeking fortunes

James Marrshall

James Marshall found gold in the American River.He was building a sawmill for a friend when he found the gold. That friend was John Stuller. Everyone wanted to go to California to get rich.


Did you know that the forty -niners were named after miners . About 40,000 people arrived to California . Before being called miners they were called prospectors. For homes they would use tents and cabins

Tools for miners

Miners used shovels and pans. They also use dirt and gravel. Some used a sifter to get gold

After The Gold Rush

Many people went to The Gold Rush .About 350,000 people came to California.Most of those people who went didn't get anything .After The Gold Rush 150,000 people left!


James Marshall was the man who found gold. Even though many did not get everything they wanted. It was still a very adventurous time for California .The Gold Rush was 1848 -1854 and it was an important time for California .


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