Summer Reading Project for The Roar

By: Rebecca Guirguis

Character Anylsis

Mika is quite brave for refusing the fit mix drink, even being warned the consequences, "' Drink it.' Mr.Grey said.....Mika wasn't quite sure what happened. One moment he was staring into the fit mix willing himself to drink it; the next he jerked up his hand and the contents flew out in a pink slimy arc and his Mr. Grey full in the face. page 71-72. He is also very intelligent for flying over the wall, "'So what should we do?' Audery asked. 'Where will it be safe?' Mika rotated the pod fighter so it was facing out of the theater 'Over the wall,' He replied. page 431. Lastly you can tell that Mika isn't the type of guy who would give up there are many examples in the book, but here are 2, "'His twin sister died a year ago, and he refuses to belief she's dead' page 49, and "The ball did something no one was expecting,it melted...'stop!' the man shouted, but they couldn't stop" page 339-340

Setting/ Authour

The book didn't say much about the author, but the be book is by Emma Clayton, and the setting is in London where they all live, "She had a pretty good chance, if she flew via London. because she'd be able to travel through the darkness of the first level, the shadows." page 11, Over the wall where they traveled to " He rotated the pod fighter so it was facing out of the theater. 'Over the wall', he replied. page 431. Also behind the wall is where Ellie, Puck, and Mal Gorman are found. And Lastly in Cape wrath, "Mika realized Cape Wrath wasn't going to be a vacation complex." page 230.


Every one has been told that there are no animals because the plague that they carried, but near the end of the book you find out its actually a lie that they said for the rich to take it all so the rest of the people wouldn't destroy it. They put all on the other side of the wall. Ellie, Mika's twin sister got kidnapped by Mal Gorman, and after hat strange things happened. Like fit mix drinks, and the pod fighter game, but Helen, Mika's mentor, knew something about the game, that it would bring him closer to Ellie. Later, The game had a contest and they did tests on them, like scientific ones, and thought them how to fight, the people who didn't make it to the finals were tricked into going to the arcade and getting implants in them that made them fall asleep, because they weren't good enough. for what? The war. This is how they found out, Mika and Audrey his partner in the game were under attack, so they stole a pod fighter and flew over the wall for safety. When they crashed, they saw houses, trees, and actual living animals. That's when he met up with Mal Gorman who finally let him see Ellie, and when the twins touched the kids in the implant woke up from the dream of going to war, so they knew what was going to happen, but they woke up and didn't let it happen. And that's where it ended