Tool You Can Use: Document Camera

(flexible, high resolution, easy to use)

Introducing our Latest (Elmo) Document Camera

Looking for a way to capture an object or simple demonstration to share online through Zoom or through a classroom projector in a socially distanced classroom? Attend this session to learn more about Elmo, our latest document camera. Document camera devices have been installed in select Smart Hybrid Classrooms as well as a limited amount that are available for loan through our AV Services counter (email to inquire).

Document cameras:

  • Can be used with Zoom online conferencing.
  • Can zoom in and to show small details of three dimensional objects.
  • Have a high quality camera for capturing printed text.
  • Capture handwriting and diagrams written on paper (analogous to using an overhead).

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Friday, Feb. 12th, 9am

This is an online event.

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