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March 2019


Many of you are doing a great job using UpSlope to document concerns regarding employee conduct. You may have noticed on the site that there is a new version. It is now going through an online form instead of the excel sheet that downloads.The old version will soon disappear. Please let us know if you have any questions.

One other item that has arisen with the letters is the employee signature. If the employee refuses to sign the letter, please note that on the letter. (Actually note it on their signature line). "Employee refused to sign". Put the date and your initials.

Also remember if the letter is copied to their official personnel file (as noted on the draft of the letter), you will need to ensure that HR has a copy. An employees official file is located in HR at CS.

We are always available to read and edit letters whenever you need us to. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

I-9 Information.. Please read..

Human Resources is conducting an independent, internal audit of our Employment Eligibility Verification forms - the form used to gather information to determine an employee's is eligibility to work in the United States. The audit is ensuring that our records and procedures align with current standards and laws and going very smoothly. Several employees have already helped us with corrections and more reach outs are on deck for the coming weeks. We appreciate your assistance with this effort and all that you do to make Lexington District One great! If you have any questions about the audit, contact Joeli Mulligan at

Teacher Transfer Request Information..

Transfer request procedures have changed with the implementation of our Frontline Recruiting and Hiring application system. If a teacher would like to request a transfer in the district, they should complete an online application as an internal applicant. They should use their current principal as their reference instead of a paper transfer form. The online reference will serve as notification to the current principal of this teacher's request to transfer. The current principal may also view the teacher's online application at any time if desired.

At that point, the teacher will then need to apply to vacancies that interest them as they are posted on the district job postings. HR is also encouraging these teachers to send a quick email to the principal of the school they wish to transfer to just to let them know they are interested in working there. As a receiving principal, you should make sure you are reading those online reference forms to be sure the teacher has completed the transfer process correctly.

Employees are/will receive an email with courtesy copies to both principals when approved. This email is explaining that their contacts will be issued at their current location. They will sign and return as normal. We will pull contracts and move them to new location when they are returned.

Assistant Principal Transfer Requests

If an assistant principal would like to transfer and a position is posted, he/she can simply apply for that position online. Doing this will prompt a reference from his/her current principal,etc.. If a general request for a transfer is being made, assistant principals should contact Mike Stacey or Devona Price in HR who will then send the proper form to be completed.

Universal Name and Address Change Forms- HR21

When an employee changes their name on the HR21, they need to know that it will impact their log in credentials and their email. These changes take place within 24 hours of the form being processed. If they have questions, they can reach out to the tech at their school. If they have HR21 questions, they can call Michelle Green at 1135 for assistance.

Budget Meetings

Thank you to everyone for your time and efforts to complete the budget meeting process in February. As the budget process continues to evolve, we will keep you posted on the status of FTE,etc..If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
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