Lunch & Learn

Bring your food and your brain!

What is it?

I will be traveling to each building during the lunch block and hanging out in the staff lounge ready to teach you all about a great new app you can use with your students. If you're interested, bring your lunch and join me. You can enjoy your meal while you learn about a new tool to use in your classroom. It's pretty informal, so come for as long as you can!


South Elementary Friday, February 26th

North Elementary Wednesday, February 24th

Middle School Tuesday, February 23rd

High School Tuesday, March 1st

What are you sharing?

You pick! I have compiled a list of 5 apps for each building, but I need your help to decide!

I'll announce the winning app on February 19th so everyone can makes plans to attend. Click the survey link below to register your choice. There are names and links for apps so you can check out any that sound interesting.