Principal's Weekly Memo

Week of Apr. 22-26

Important Dates/Events


22 Easter Monday NO SCHOOL

23 Progress Reports

24 Faculty/Student Dodge Ball Game (2:30)

24 ACRE test 5th grade

25 Field Trip (Montessori)

26 Field Trip ( 3rd and 4th grades)

26 StuCo Dance


Our Children's Choir will be singing on Easter Sunday at the 10:00 Mass. It would be nice to see faculty there to support our kids and the school. Father Larry has a solo part with the Children's Choir and supporting him is a nice gesture as well.

Mrs. LaBeau has been out all week. Please continue to pray for her.

At this time of the year, students begin to get restless and accidents occur more often. All injuries must has as injury report turned in to the office. Most injuries are not serious--a cut or scrape--but you should error on the side of caution especially when it involves a head injury. ALL injuries involving the head must be reported to my office. I will decide the course of action.

Our Prayer Tree is almost complete. A special thanks to Meg for securing a grant that allowed us to move forward. We will have Father bless the tree soon and have is brief ceremony before the end of the year. I will keep you posted.

I am waiting to hear back from the Kenedy Foundation on the playground grant proposal. Please pray that the foundation recognizes our need and grants us the money to install a new playground over the summer.

Have a great Easter break and thanks for all you do!

Easter blessings,