HalfHorse-HalfMermaid Funny Friend


Roman name: Neptune

His brother is Zeus

Second most powerful

King of the sea


Cause storms



also god of horses (horse racing)

What is my item

My item is a half horse half mermaid stuffed animal. It is called a "Merhorse."

How my item is related to Poseidon

Poseidon is the god of the sea and horses (horse racing). A water animal or creature is a mermaid. An animal that is in horse racing is a horse (well its the only animal.) So there is a picture of Poseidon in the water on his carriage and there are two half horse half mermaids pulling it. I thought why not make this animal a stuffed animal.

What it would look like

The horse part would be a light blue and purple mix and the tail of the mermaid would be purple. The mane of the horse would be a light purple and blue mix. The Mane of the horse is the hair on its head.
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$19.99+ $4.99 for shipping and handling

Why kids would love it

"Merhorses" are you children's best fried. They go everywhere with you. If you press on there stomach there tail moves. You can also bend the tail any way you want. The "Merhorse" comes in all different sizes. 18" Inch and 30"Inch. 30" Inch is only $39.99