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~ November 2020 Newsletter ~

Happy Thanksgiving

“Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.” Theodore Roosevelt

Thank you!

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our many guests, visitors and members who supported the Bayport Blue Point Heritage Association throughout this season. We had many new and returning guests that toured Meadow Croft during the past 4 months. Folks also enjoyed the wonderful trails and property as well. We appreciate your interest in local history and are hoping that next year, we can return with more great events for our community. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy this fall and winter season. Thank you!

A birds eye view of Meadow Croft

Recently, Mr. Brian McAuliff from Bri-Tech, Inc. visited Meadow Croft. Using his drone, he took this amazing short video of the Meadow Croft estate. He has given us permission to share this with you. We hope you enjoy this birds eye view!
Meadowcroft - Bayport Bluepoint Historical Society (3)

Christmas At Meadow Croft

Due to NYS guidelines and the restrictions set by the county, we sadly need to cancel Christmas at MC for 2020. While our hearts are saddened by this decision, we still want to celebrate the spirit of the season by holding a raffle!

Heritage Holiday Raffle

Ole' Saint Nick has come early to Meadow Croft this year and he has left some wonderful goodies for you! 12 gift baskets filled to the brim with all good things! $10.00 will get you 13 chances to win including a Grand Prize! The flyer can be found below, or you can print it by clicking here. Drawings will be held LIVE on our Facebook page every Sunday starting at 7:00. The first drawing date is November 29th and will run every Sunday through December 20th 2020. We will contact you if you won! Tickets can also be purchased through our website: or by mailing it to us: PO Box 4, Bayport NY 11705. Tickets must be purchased by November 28, 2020. Take a chance this holiday season and purchase a raffle! Good luck!

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Finding St. Nick

A family fun event for all! Starting at the end of November, be on the lookout for posters from the BBPHA with pictures of St. Nick at Meadow Croft on them. Each poster will have a QR code on them to scan that will bring you to a page on our website with Christmas Trivia on it. From there, you can check out the rest of our webpage. We encourage you to take a selfie with the poster and tag us on Social Media. #BBPHA Hope you can play along! Keep your eyes out for those posters all around our towns! Find St. NIck!

BBPHA participates in Veteran's gravestone cleaning

On October 24th, members of the BBPHA and other local organizations participated in a Veteran's gravestone restoration and cleaning at St. Ann's Cemetery in Sayville, Union Cemetery in Sayville and St. John's Cemetery in Oakdale. This community project was a lead-up to Veteran's Day on November 11th. It was organized by Sayville resident, activist and environmentalist, James Bertsch. We thank the many local organizations, politicians, and over 100 community members who came out to pat tribute to those honorable Veteran's who have paid the ultimate price for freedom. A truly worthwhile project!

Walter Ryan's "Nautical Inn," Bayport L.I.

A new feature in the monthly newsletter. These short articles were first printed in the monthly Bayport Blue Point Gazette. They were written by Gene Horton and reprinted with permission.

October 2004

This unusual and rare postcard (see below) shows an interior view of Walter Ryan's "Nautical Inn" in Bayport. The "Nautical Inn" was located at 825 Montauk Hwy. in Bayport where "Le Soir" is today. The decor and theme of the place was obviously nautical. There was a "boarding ramp" (not steps) leading from the outside into the building; even the bar was in the shape of the bow of a boat.

In the photo, notice the John Hodge Wood Carving painting on the wall above the jukebox. Walter Ryan tended bar while his wife Jessie, prepared the food and also occasionally played the piano. Notice in the photo, Jessie's name is printed on the "bow" of the bar.

Eventually Walter & Jessie Ryan sold the "Nautical Inn" and with their three children, moved to Hempstead. He went on to become the Mayor of Hempstead. Walter Ryan died in 1967 and Jessie died recently in Wisconsin at the age of 96.

This photo was probably taken sometime during the years right after World War 2. Many thanks to Ed Houdak and Kay and Don Porter for all the information about the "Nautical Inn" which they so generously shared with me.

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The Blue Point Bible Church's connection to Bayport Avenue

No doubt, you have passed the Blue Point Bible Church on Blue Point Avenue many times either going to the dock, getting a bagel and a coffee at the deli or leaving the library heading west on Madison street. This stately brick church replaced the original wooden church which was located immediately south of the present-day Blue Point Ave. Elementary School building. It was built between 1930 and 1931. The cornerstone was laid on October 25, 1930 and was finally dedicated on June 28, 1931. The steeple rises to a height of 75 feet. The building is made entirely of brick. This is how the church is interestingly connected to a small brick cape on Bayport Avenue- the bricks.

* Facts about the church taken from Gene Horton's book, "Blue Point Then and Now."

Among the crew of engineers and masons who built the church was a gentleman by the name of Hiram Darrow. When Mr. Darrow and his crew were hired to build the brick church in 1930, he purchased a home at #82 Bayport Avenue (my house currently). At that time, the house sat on two parcels of land each approximately half an acre. The vacant parcel to the south was a small farmed lot in earlier days owned by Francis and Charlotte Edwards. Mr. Darrow moved into the home with his wife and young daughter Virginia, a BBP High School graduate. At some time after the brick church was completed in 1930, Mr. Darrow had a notion to build a small brick Cape Cod style house on the vacant lot next to his house. He did, in fact, build that brick Cape currently #76 Bayport Ave. He dismantled a barn in the yard behind the house at #82 next door and used the studs and rafters to build the shell of his new brick Cape home next door. Darrow completed the brick Cape home sometime in the 1940's. He moved his family into the new brick home and rented his home next door, later selling that home in 1954. Mr. Darrow, a mason and builder, built the church and his own home at #76 Bayport Avenue both made of bricks.

I have created an amusing fictional tale that while working on the Blue Point Bible Church Darrow took a few bricks home each day in his lunch pail until he had enough bricks to build himself a house on his vacant land. So, that is the connection between the Blue Point Bible Church and #76 Bayport Avenue (pictured below), both built by Hiram Darrow.

~ Written by John Amato

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