A brief overview of Islam.

By Aidan harris

The Islam beliefs

Islam is a monotheistic centering around a god named Allah. There aren't many doctrines or creeds one must abide by to considered to be Islamic, excepting that you must recite the shada. The Islam believe that humans were created for the sole purpose if pleasing Allah, so that they may enter paradise when they die. They also read book called the qur'an, which is where they get most of there religion teachings

Islamic rituals

Most of the Islam population attend group worship and Islamic school at a mosque. Muslims also participate in a ritual called fasting, which is when you do not eat for a set period of time, usually a day. They pray, and are encouraged to contribute to charity.

Islamic history.

Islam was founded in 6th century C.E. Arabia, by a man named Muhammad. Muhammad began experience visions and auditory relevalations during his periodic meditations. The visions presented him with a messages which he shared with his friends and family, and later he began meeting with a group of people to discuss these visions, The teachings of Muhammad were recorded in the Qur'an. Eventually, these teachings became a religion, and spread across the world.

5 minutes introduction to islam