Daniel Half-Human

by David Chotjewitz


Daniel is just like any other boy living in Nazi Germany. He has his best friend Armin, they do everything together. However, one day Daniel discovers a truth that will completely alter the course of his entire life, or cause it to completely end.

Daniel becomes haunted with his mother's ancestry. He finds out his mother is jewish, making him a half-Jew. Living in Nazi Germany and being a jew is a recipe for death, and having your best friend be a loyal Nazi, brings Daniel to the brink of death. Daniel cannot keep it a secret forever. He shares anything and everything with Armin, the question is, will Armin accept Daniels heritage?

Daniel's friendship with Armin is put to the ultimate test. Will his "blood-brothers" stay true to the Nazi Party, or will he uphold the sacred bond between the two?


1. Hitler granted Aryan status to Jews that had denounced their religion, and Jewish ancestry.

2. Hitler Youth programs accepted Aryan boys from age ten and up to train for the Nazi Army.

3. Hitler was sworn into power by Germany's mentally incompetent chancellor.


People who are fascinated by historical fiction, or the Holocaust in general will enjoy this book.

Rating: 3/5

Genre: Historical Fiction