LV Tech


  1. I did the ITrailer on my dogs
  2. Features balie and bear, my dogs
  3. It is a terrific app for presentations

Explain everything

  1. Has a variety of tools you can say
  2. Can speak into mike to record
  3. Is available for free on the App Store

Career locker

  1. You can find your dream job
  2. In 5th grade avatars are available
  3. Finding available colleges are common

Typing web

  1. You type until your hand hurts
  2. There's a class competition
  3. It shows you how far you are in each lesson

Haiku Deck

  1. Has many different backgrounds to choose from
  2. Is very easy to do
  3. Available for free on the app store

Go Animate

  1. Has many characters
  2. There are Many voice choices
  3. You can record your own voice