Pay it Forward

Act of Kindness

Justin Wright

Pay It Forward

It would be so nice if we could do some good stuff for the world, and maybe this world will be a better place. Me and my class are doing a project to do good deeds, and trying to change the world. And maybe you can start something like that at your school.

It would be nice if some of us picked up trash on the streets to clean up the world, and deliver some money over to Haiti so some kids can eat for the first time Don’t dump toxic waste into the ocean, so no more world pollution, and stuff like that. iI make the world a better place.

Just try doing some small things first like letting your dog out, help a friend when he’s sad. Fill up a bucket, be a buddy not a bully, if your friend drops his stuff help him pick it up, help your friend if he doesn't know what to do. Play with the friend at recess if he’s alone.and maybe after a year of helping and you're old enough, you can start making big changes to the world.

Remember to tell your friends to be a buddy and not be a bully, and tell him to do good deeds like let the dog out. Also if you see your friend bullying somebody else, it’s ok to talk to them. Try to also make them say sorry to the other person.

Remember to try everything you can do to help this world be a better place. Remember, be the best you can be. Also help each other out.If you do these steps and help the world, you are a big part to the world. I am done now and like they say, peace out girl scout!

Pay it Forward