Home schooled or schooled?

By: Brandon Nguyen

Home schooled advantages

Home schooling could have its advantages because of how you would have more free time and how you wouldn't have that much work/ home work. but also you would be able to talk with our parents and spend more time them. You can be educated by your parents and passably learn more than a high school student knows. The parent would have high expectations to who ever they would be teaching though.

Would you be Home schooled?

I wouldn't be home schooled because of how i wouldn't have that much education and how i wouldn't be able to talk to anyone. It is always a good thing to talking to someone that is not just your parent. Also parents wouldn't be as good as teacher that have teached at school for a long time.

Evidence for thesis statement

An author named Hanes said "I don't even know what grades are" which is basically saying that they don't know what a school would be and how long they would be home schooled and has never gone to an actual school. Another author named Catalanello said "They would keep their kids home, keep their blinds drawn We didn't even turn to anyone for help because we didn't want to be exposed to anyone knowing our children weren't in school." The author said this because they think that there child would get caught not at school and being home schooled. Another author named Richardson said "There is no doubt that homeschooling has many benefits, including providing one-on-one instruction, individualized pacing, and the chance for the student to earn college credits before college begins." In this quote it says that people can benefit in getting scholarships and get collage credits before you're even in collage, it would also let you go on your own pacing instead of getting this project or work done in a specific time. Another author named Lips and Feinburg said "The National Home Education Research Institute indicates that number now stands at around 3,000,000." In this quote it is saying that there is about 3,000,000 people that are being home schooled. Another author named M. Lines said "Most federal support for education is dedicated to programs for children who have special needs, such as low-achieving children, children with limited English proficiency, and children with disabilities." The government does support student that are home schooled but only for special needs

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In this graph it would show that people would be homeschooled when time passes. and how it would show that people would rather be homeschooled rather than being schooled