By Cole B. Lucas P. Luke F. Wyatt B. Carmen M.


The theme of Swindle is never giving up. Because when the main character Griffin tries to steal back a Babe Ruth baseball card that is worth millions of dollars he fails. But, he tried a second time and he finally got it so he never gave up.


Griffin is always one step ahead because his friends call him" the man with the plan" because he always rights down a plan that works. Griffin is also brave because he and his friends broke into a house without being scared or afraid. The 3rd character trait is tough because even when he is under extreme pressure he doesn't crack under pressure.


We think that our classmates should read this book because it is action packed and it is a story about a boy trying to get a baseball card worth millions of dollars to stop his parents from selling his house. It is very upbeat to because every time they do a big part of the story something goes wrong and it is they either run from the cops or they figure out the card was in the wrong place.
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SWINDLE, by Gordon Korman