Benjamin Franklin

by G Chavez / April 2016

Early Life

Early Life

Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston with 7 brothers and 7 sisters, he was the 15th child. In addition he went to school at age 8 but then he quit school for 2 years at the age of 10 ( Benjamin move to Philadelphia to write the poor Richard’s Almanac in 1726. In fact he was more interested in Science and discovered that lightning is electricity, by using a lightning rod that he invented from houses being on fire. Also the American Revolutionary war started and Benjamin Franklin ask the France to help the war, the war was over the peace treaty was signed ( In 1790 Benjamin Franklin die at the age of 84 and people remember him for the inventions he made and the help of the American Revolutionary war.

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When Benjamin Franklin was 10 years old he work with his father to make candles and soaps. When he was training in Boston he still train and travel in Philadelphia and London. In Philadelphia his brother has a workshop. Benjamin Franklin is mostly interesting in science so he discovered that lightning is a type of electricity. When the war was finish Benjamin Franklin, Tomas Jeff cent, George Washington and the other Founding Fathers sighed the Declaration of Independence. He help make the laws of Philadelphia.


Benjamin Franklin has Challenges he needed to complete. In Boston, he travel to Philadelphia and London to complete his training as a newspaper man. His brother needs Benjamin Franklin’s help with the newspapers, and in Philadelphia he made a shop where he can sell Newspapers. During the Revolutionary war with the British he ask the France’s help to win the war. He was trying to save the town by conducting lightning on metal by inventing a lightning rod.


What Benjamin Franklin Accomplish was…? He was able to finish his training from Boston, Philadelphia and London to complete as a printer. He found a job as a printer. He found a job to sell newspaper by going to one of his brother’s shop. Another thing he invented is Glasses, the very first map of the Gulf Stream. He save his town by inventing a lightning rod. He ask the France to win the Revolutionary war from the British. The Five Founding Fathers (concluding Benjamin Franklin) have sigh the Declaration of Independence.

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Fun Fact

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was born he had 7 older brothers and 7 older sisters and he was the 15th child