Final Reflection:

The 21st Century and Beyond

Designing Instruction For Digital Age Learners

How do we design instruction that is both real and relevant for our 21st century learners?

Letting Go Of The Old School

Change is never easy, but is sometimes necessary. As we help our kids (and as they help us) to become 21st century learners, we need to be open to this change.

The 4 C's

Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication. These are critical for the success of the 21st century learner.


We must be able to communicate globally in a "flattened" world.


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We must be able to adapt to use ever changing technology to help us with the 4 C's and to compete globally in an ever changing world.
This is the same poem that I put into my final reflection in the other class, but I think it applies here as well. I wrote this after being selected TOY.

Final Reflection Poem by Bobby Waddell

More Than A Teacher

What kind of generation will this one be?

The sake of the nations depends on me

With graphics and games, how can I compete?

Make learning fun and a special treat

With I-pads, tablets, and lots of text

I have to keep up with what’s coming next

Letting them down is a terrible fear

When I have to prepare them for jobs that are yet here

Jobs that require thought, process, and design

Jobs that force them to challenge their minds

Offer them knowledge work to inspire

Let them see your own desire

Lead by example all eyes are on you

Motivate, challenge, persevere through

Believe in them no matter how tough

Be their rock when the going gets rough

Don’t get caught up in the excuse game

Work your hardest and there is no blame

Patience is a virtue that we all must teach

Remember to always practice what you preach

Be open-minded willing to rearrange

Willing to learn and willing to change

The way it was likely won’t work now

They need experience and the “know how”

Teach them to get along to work as a team

Helping each other to achieve their dreams

Johnny can’t make it I hear them say

He will fail just wait for the day

Never give up for he can achieve

For that struggling child once was me

B Waddell 2013