Joyceville PS Week Ahead

April 11-15

Cultivating Critical Thinking and Creativity in Responsive Learning Environments

The staffing committee will meet the week of April 18th before or after school. All welcome; we need someone from each division and ETFO if possible. Let me know if you would like to be on the committee by April 11th so we can then schedule the meeting based on availability of the group.

As a follow up to our staff meeting, I have included a link to a video and website about thinking routines (like See, Think, Wonder) from a group at Harvard.

I also included a link to a recent article in Educational Leadership by Dylan William on feedback. The following quote from the article is interesting to ponder as we play with creating thinking classrooms:

When we realize that most of the time the focus of feedback should be on changing the student rather than changing the work, we can give much more purposeful feedback. If our feedback doesn't change the student in some way, it has probably been a waste of time.

This year, Mental Health Week and Education Week fall during the same time period (May 2-6). With the theme of Education Week being “Achieving Excellence: Promoting Well-Being,” the board has decided to piggy back the two together. What to you think of having a "Wellness Week" that focuses on physical and mental health? We could...

  • do school wide DPA - our own celebration of dance, some colour circle/colour house activities
  • we could try new activities like yoga (or provide some choices for students)
  • we could have classes do some learning around mental health and present at an assembly
  • we could spread ways to maintain happiness (eg random acts of kindness)

Hopefully we can find a way to do this so it fits into your class learning and isn't too disruptive. Let me know what you think and if you would like to help coordinate!

Have a great week,


PZ Thinking Routines

Yard reminders

As the weather changes so do the activities of the students! Please review the following with your students:
  • Kindergarten students are not allowed past the "first track". Grade 1 and 2s are not allowed past the "second track".
  • Students must get permission first before going over fences to retrieve items.
  • Gum should NOT be spit onto the yard (wads of gum have been noticed out in the field).
  • Hard baseballs/softballs are not allowed due to OPHEA guidelines, but they can use rubber and tennis balls.

Please let the students know we really appreciate that they are doing their best not to get too wet and they are making efforts not to track too mud into the school.

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This Week

Monday, April 11, Day 3

Tuesday, April 12, Day 4

  • Wendy away (am) - training
  • Clint away (am) - PD

Wednesday, April 13, Day 5

  • Wendy and Rick will receive their outstanding service awards @ the LDSB Ed Centre 5:30 - reception; 6pm - award presentation
  • Country Fair Planning Meeting 6pm

Thursday, April 14, Day 1

Friday, April 15, Day 2

  • Heather (late arrival); Shawn L, Talya M (principal, LSS), and Liz S (principal, Storrington) visiting (am)
  • April 15 Grade 7 and Grade 8 girls immunizations

Upcoming Dates

April 21 Cafe francais - pm

April 22 Limestone Theatre Presentation "Melanie Fusspot"

April 19 Jump Rope for Heart Quick off assembly

May 10 Staff Meeting

May 19 Jump Rope for Heart

May 25, 26, 30 - Grade 3 and 6 EQAO

May 27 Grade 4/5 and 7/8 to Gould Lake

May 28 Country Fair

June 28 Grade 8 Grad