My Zombie Survival Guide

Your guide to survival!

Interior Lowlands

The first region is the Interior Lowlands because it has rolling hills that are great for hiding. Also farms because there is not much light so it won't attract many zombies. It also provides many food for survival and vegetables to get you energized. I give the Interior Lowlands a 9 out of 10 because there are hills to hide in and farms that have food and vegetables to get you going from getting eaten by zombies.

Coastal Plains

Next up is the Coastal Plains. What I think about this is that it's good because you can escape by sailing away on the Atlantic Ocean. But there is a problem too. The area around there is flat and not many places to hide in. If the zombies see you walking in the plains, they will come after you. I rate this region, a 7 out of 10. Yes there are stores with food and boats to sail away but there is also a bunch of flat land and not many places to hide. Zombies will see walking in the plains.

Great Plains

Last but not least, the Great Plains. What I think is that this is a horrible region to be in when there is a zombie outbreak.