Online Safety

By: caitlin claire

teens online

We learned that teens play online games for like 30 mins a day or more. We leaned that we need to be active and be outside and not locked down on online games or video games or the wii or xbox or play stations

what we should do

So we need to be more active and hang out with friends and not inside outdoors riding bikes. We also learned that to be safe online and if you put your full name to make sure that you no who is watching like on facebook you need to watch who is wanting to be your friend.


I also learned that to be careful who you are chatting to you might be chatting to a bad person that might look like a nice person but is a bad but they could come after you so make sure you don’t give them your personal info. Also we learned that if they say they are a girl they might be a boy you never know.


Make sure you are safe online because you could be tracked down. Also get offline or tell a adult if anyone is saying anything sexual. Or ineproperite.


Make sure what website you are getting on it would leave a digital footprint. You also need to watch what you say because it could end up someone finding out and tell people and it will embarrassed you.