Ms. Pineda 4A

Journal Reflection

My favorite journal reflection I did this year was "what would you bring with you if you got stranded in the wilderness"? I thought it was really cool. I love camping. Me and my family go all the time. so in this case I made a real life connection. that's one of the reasons I liked this one.

Student Choice Essay

"would you visit the past if you could"? Yes I would love to visit the past. I want to see how it use to be before I was born. I would rather visit the past instead of the future because we are going to be in the future someday but not the past.

"what is a hero"? A hero doesn't always have to be in pajamas and a cape. Being a hero is helping others cops, fire fighters, medic, military, etc. they save and others with their lives everyday.

Semester Reflections

I don't think that I did to good this semester. Since its the last I got a little lazy. My favorite part of this semester was passing my SOL's, so I don't have to take any exams. My least favorite part was losing someone who acted as the dad I haven't had for 8 years. my favorite project was the commercial maker.