You should come to seaside because we have houses and hotels that are shaped like a rectangular prisms and have perfect lines of symetry. that you can stay in. The mail boxes are shaped like a pentagon, octagon, trapezoid, rhombus, and a hexagon. if you take Olivia ave. you will see a big market that is shaped like a cylinder and a cone. it has all of the stuff you need ,like food, drinks, and stuff you need for the beech. Next to the market there is a beautiful chapel that is a cube and a rectangular pyramid that you could go in. If you keep on going down Olivia ave. you will reach an obtuse angle and that means you are at the ocean. You can relax in and swim in it. It is very fun. [But be careful because there is an alligator close by.] When you are done being by the beech you can go to a restaurant that is shaped like a sphere at the top. it is called Pickles. it is yummy!! After, you can get on to Carlyn st. that intersects Olivia ave. and make a left right angle on to Rachel rd. that will take you home from your fun day around Seaside. That is why You should go to our version of Seaside.