The NEW MudMat!

Quick, easy, effective. The MudMat.

What is it?

The MudMat is the revolutionary way to get dirt off your baseball and softball cleats. Unlike other cleat-cleaning mats, the MudMat uses hundreds of little bristles that move to scrape mud off. You can change the speed and power of the combs with a dial on the side. The MudMat comes in any color of the rainbow to represent your team. It can also fold up so it's easy for traveling to away games.


The MudMat is a $150.00 value, but it's yours for just $39.95! Similar mats can cost more than $100.00, and they don't have the results that the MudMat has. Plus, order yours now and get a free baseball mitt!
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Call our toll free number, 1-800-555-MUD1, or visit our website, to order your MudMat today!