Against School Uniforms

By: Andrea Gonzalez

Reasons Why I Against School Uniforms

  • to express our sense of style and fashion
  • we can express what they like to do the best (art, music, baseball, basketball, etc.)
  • kids don't want to wear the plain colors (blue, baby blue, tan, and more)
  • we want to wear different clothes not the same as their friends and everyone else

School Uniforms Don't Always Work

  • fact show that kids are more aggressive and to have be disciplined more often
  • more aggressive the kids are the more they bully
  • uniforms make kid not want to go to school

Hard To Tell Who Is Who

  • if an emergency (fire, terrorist attack, ect.) happens parents want to find their child/children
  • can be confusing to tell your friends apart
Against School Uniforms