The price of gasoline in the US

at the highest level of the year

The price of gasoline has reached the maximum this year in the United States due to restriction Refining after definitive or temporary closure for maintenance of some refineries, as well as international oil price before eight weeks on an upward trend.

The price of a gallon at the gas stations overseas increased by 2.1%, an increase of 7.3 cents, compared to the level recorded a year ago, reaching $ 3.611 per gallon, the highest price recorded on October 22, 2012 the biggest of the year. Ratios of West Texas Intermediate futures (WTI) gained more than $ 10 per barrel in December 2012 and February 1 exceeded the longest series of weekly assessments of the past eight years.

Gasoline followed the trend and WTI, refineries being confronted with both the high price of crude oil and forced to reduce its production as a result of higher raw material prices. US refining capacity is at its lowest level in the last three weeks, more refineries, such as those from El Segundo Chevron Corp., near Los Angeles or LyondellBasell Industries NV's Houston in Texas shut temporarily revision.

Phil Flynn, senior market analyst at Prices Futures Group in Chicago, is optimistic. "The offer is much wider now and the price of crude oil seems to be reduced. If we add to reactivate refinery after completion of maintenance operations, it is clear that gasoline prices should fall," he said, quoted by Bloomberg.

In Romania, Petrom increased the price of gasoline and diesel today 6 bani per liter, according . Thus, expensive, a liter of petrol costs Standard 95, Petrom Street station Brasov Bucharest, 6.08 lei, while gasoline Extra 99 reached 6.50 lei per liter. A liter of diesel costs 6.18 lei Standard and Extra price of a liter of diesel is 6.41 lei.
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