SO Informational Flyer - Jared


These are three ways to be safe while cleaning:

  • Wear gloves, especially when cleaning toilets and be sure to wear shoes that have grips on it.
  • Do not swing the equipment around, you might hit somebody by accident.
  • Do not lift heavy items on your own, you could hurt your back.

Cleaning Schedule

This is the purpose of a Cleaning Schedule:

It is to keep track of what needs to be cleaned, what should be done, when it should be done, and how often it should be done.

Cleaning Products

These are the cleaning products we use:

  • Window Cleaner, a substance used for cleaning windows. The yellow rags we use keeps windows streak free.
  • Sanitizer, a substance used for killing germs and bacteria. Also known as Germicidal.
  • Floor Cleaner, a substance used for cleaning floors.


These are three brooms we use and their uses:

  • Push broom, a wide broom that sweeps dust and dirt in a single pass.
  • Angle broom, a broom that collects dirt from corners or around furniture.
  • Lobby broom, a broom that is used in hotels or lobbies to sweep up garbage quickly. Comes with a dustpan.


These are the two types of mops we use:

  • Dry mop, a mop we use to collect dirt before getting the floor wet. If there were still dirt when we mop, the water would get dirty.
  • Wet mop, a mop we use to clean the floor. We have to use the right amount of water. Too little water will not do very good, while too much water can damage the floor.


These are two ways we clean windows:

  • We can use the window cleaner with a yellow rag.
  • We can use a squeegee, a scraper with a rubber edge also used for cleaning windows, and a bucket to dip the squeegee in.


These are three items we disinfect from our hospital room:

  • We sanitize the tables over the beds.
  • We sanitize the end tables next to the beds.
  • We sanitize the ends of each bed.

Sanitary Bed Changing

These are four sanitary bed changing techniques:

  • Wash your hands before and after changing the bed.
  • Set items on a clean surface.
  • Roll the dirty laundry and put it into an open pillowcase.
  • Do not hold the pillowcase against you.