The Renaissance

daniela arguello

the change

It all started in Italy, Florence in 1300-1600. This was the new age of the way people would think. Art, culture, religion, and science were reborn. In this time the renaissance women and man came to be.

who was associated?

Many artist were involved with the change in the way of thinking. One of the artist who was invaded with the was Leonardo Da Vinci. He was one of the many artist doing the middle ages. Two of his most known works during this time are the Mona Lisa and the Last Super. De vinci's art is still well known til this day.

Impact On Change

The middle class was born through the Renaissance. Large city-states grew because trade was improving. The citizens of Italy became closer when more the 1/2 people started dying. The Catholic church began to weaken when Erasmus started criticizing it. Printing made information cheaper for the citizens. Also the christian humanists tried to show the be how people should live life. Many people questioned the catholic church after hearing with what Erasmus had to say about it.

Impact On Today's world

The renaissance made today a better world. People think different today from what they thought years ago. The way people studied thing has effected today's world in many ways. For example people didn't know that the earth was in the middle the planets , until Galileo discovered it. The printing press made it able for the citizens to have bibles and other types of books today. Also now scientists know more about how the earth and the other plants move around. Churches are more peaceful with each other now then they were back then.