Keeping the North East Fit!

Making Sport for Specific Groups Important!

This article will be looking at the different options available for specific groups throughout the North East. It will be looking specifically the elderly, young children and the disabled, and will explore the different range of exercise classes available for these groups and where abouts they are situated to get more of the population in to sport.

Keeping Children Fit!

There are many options available for children these days to get them active in sport, but one of the main sports which is popular with young childern is swimming. Childrens swimming lessons are available at most sports centres in the North East. Blyth Sports Centre offers a wide variety of different times and days of when they do childrens swimming lessons. The Timetable is as follows; Monday: 4-6pm Tuesday: 4-5:30pm Thursday: 4-6pm Saturday: 9-10:30am

There are also many other classes available at Blyth Sports Centre including football, gymnastics and even karate. This means that there are many different sports which they can get involved with and take part in to help them become active. the weakness of most of the swimming lessons is that they are on at a night time during the week, this means that if parents work late there children would not be able to attend theses sessions. This sector is public which means that the sessions are available at a lower cost and they are ran by the council. This means that there is also more session available for the specific group and they also cater for bigger numbers in the groups.

Older Adults Keeping Active

The variety of classes for older adults is increasing, this means that there is more opportunity for them to get involed in sport and to keep the active. This sector is public which means that the sessions are available at a lower cost and they are ran by the council. This means that there is also more session available for the specific group and they also cater for bigger numbers in the groups. As ageing occur the body goes through changes which can be helped by taking part in exercise. This includes heart problems, the loss of balance and co-ordiantion and also the bones become weaker. By taking part in exercise, these problems are much less likely to occur. Ashington leaisure centre includes Agewell fitness classes in to their timetables. These are classe which are specialised for Older Adults who tends to prefer a less intenste fitness class and it is a lot more gentle. This means that there is also no stress getting places on the muscles and the bones. It also will not cause any heart problems as it will i be strained. The times of these classes are as follows; Monday: 10:00 - 11:00am Tuesday: 11:00 - 12:00noon Friday: 11:00 - 12:00noon. As all of the classes are in the morning this means that if an Older Person is busy in the morning they would not be able to attend, this means that they would miss out. There is also public swimming sessions available and over 50's get this free. There is a over 50's class on, on a Friday: 2:30-3:30pm. This means that the Older Adults which cannot attend the fitness classes in the morning can attend this session during the afternoon. The down side to this would be that there is only 1 session of this per week, although there is public session also available.

Getting the Disabled Involved

There are many classes available throughout the North East to keep the disabled fit. This sector is public which means that the sessions are available at a lower cost and they are ran by the council. This means that there is also more session available for the specific group and they also cater for bigger numbers in the groups. Durham Visually Impaired Cricket Club, this is the only visually impaired Crick Club in the north east and it is tailored for ages 11+, the membership price is £20. The good thing about this is that there is no experience needed to be able to join, this means that anyone who is visually impaired or has any degree of sight loss can go along and join in. There is also Disabled swimming classes availble at Elswick Pool in Newcastle to attend every Friday from 6:30 - 7:30pm and it is free for Newcastle residents. These sessions are available to all age groups so anyone is welcome to join in and go along to the sessions. The benefits of this are that there are other classes and groups which cater for disabled people, this means that there are a wide variety of different sports for them to take part in. A complication would be that the swimming classes held at Elswick Pool are onyl available on a friday night and no other days. This means that this choice would be unavailable to people who cannot attend but these sessions could be put on more often to give people a better chance of attending and getting involved.
The 3 groups which have been talked about in this article all have exercise groups available for them to take part in. There are more and more groups and session being available to young people, older adults and the disabled. This means that they are becoming fitter as there are more sessions to attend. There are many more session available for young children compared to what there is for disabled. This means that young children have a much bigger variety and a much larger choice of what they want to take part in, and there is other options available. There are also more classes available for older adults compared to disabled people due to the lack of time and effort which much go in to planning sessions for the disabled. This is becuase there are many different types of disabilities which can be present in a class of students. This means that the sessions have to be able to be carried out by all of the pariticpants and volunteers and coaches need to give up their time and have the correct qualifications to be able to carry out the sessions safely and appropriately. All of the classes which are available for the different groups all have times which people may not be able to make, and the session are not repeated very often meaning that there is not much chance for people to get to the sessions. There is also not very many places for disabled people to attend, this means that there is a limited classes which they can take part in. By making more classes in different locations, this means that disabled people would be able to attend more exercise classes and they would become fitter and healthier, and things like their joints and their cardiovascular system will impove. This will results in their fitness getting overall better.

GP Referral Process

GP Referrals are used for when a client is wanting to take part in exercise but they have been referred from their GP to have a consultation with a qualified GP Referral. They will have a conslutation to start, with their doctor and then get reffered to this exercise programme. A client can be referred for and disease or disorder which may limit them to do exercise. These include having injuries such as broken or dislocated bones, arthritis or osteoperosis or any cardiovascular disease. also having diabetes as when carrying out exercise The clients need to be watched carefully to make sure that they are not making their condition worse. The GP will then carry out an appropriate assessment on the client and making sure that they know about any underlying issues that they might have with their client. also there needs to be a exercise programme made which is suitable for the client and that will include progression and will have goals which they want to meet and a time limit. GP Referrals normally carry out a 12 week exercise programme to get the client used to exercise and if they have returned from an injury or surgery they will be prepared to return back to exericse after this programme. part way through the exercise programme there will be a one to one carried out to see how the client is doing and see if they are coping with the programme. The client will then carry on with the rest of the programme and write down their progress and if they are meeting their targets. throughout this process they will be monitore dby the GP to make sure that they are coping and that they can carry out the sessions with out any problems, and no other problems are arising. At the end of the 12 week programme there will be a follow up to see how the client has done with the programme and if they are ready to carry out exercise on their own. Older people who have the likes of osteoperosis and CV diseases might be kept on the programme for longer as there condition would more than likely not get better. This means that they would not be expected to return to exercise without the presence of a GP Referral. Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure provide a GP Referral system which is put in place to be able to help people who want to take part in exercise and they need help with doing this. The GP Referral staff are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm at Blyth Sports Centre and Condordia Leisure Centre. They are available when a client needs a scheme made and they are always there to support the client which they take on.

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