Perseus and Medusa

By: Alexa A. and Sydney L.

All about......... PERSEUS

Perseus is a brave, fearless knight that chopped off medusas head. His symbols are a white horse and Medusa's head.

Meeting Perseus!

2G: Hello Perseus! How are you doing today? Perseus: I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking. How are u doing today?

2G: Im doing just great! I know this is a obvious, but how did it feel to chop off Medusa's’ head and kill her?

Perseus: It felt amazing the wind blowing through my hair and guts all over.

2G:So how is your dad Zeus?

Perseus: ohh...hes great in all.

2G:What is your symbol?

Perseus:well my symbol is medusas head and a white flying horse.

2G: Why?

Perseus: I chopped off her head.

2G: Why did you chop off her head?

Perseus: I did it because Medusa had the ability to turn anyone she saw into stone.

2G: Where you ever friends with her?

Perseus: No. No. No.

2G:Do you ever feel your father gets more popularity than you do?

perseus: well sometimes but, i think it is because he is the gods of all gods. also i respect that very much.

2G:do you remember the underworld?

Perseus: Yes. It was a HORRIBLE place..

2g: if medusa ever came back would you chop off her head again or would you feel bad about doing it last time and not do it again?

perseus:i would not feel bad and i would do it again so no one would turn into stone.

2G: Thanks for your time Perseus! tune in next week for the interview with Justin Bieber


Perseus is a powerful and intelligent man. He is the son of Zeus; the king of thunder and lighting. Also know as the god of all gods. Justin Bieber is just a famous 18 year old boy. He has no power like what Perseus has. Perseus has a flying white horse and a very strong, while Justin Bieber has no power but he is famous. Justin is not a hero. he didn't defeat medusa and cut of her head so that she wouldn’t turn anyone to stone. they are the same because now they both have fame and popularity. they both have books in the south library about them. Justin wears a shirt and t-shirt while, Perseus wears a cloth around him. They both have had hard things to do in their lifetime that they had to face but, didn’t want to. Perseus has been to been under world and Bieber hasn’t. they both respect their parents and their jobs.