John Cabot

by Ty and Olivia

His life

John Cabot was born near Naples ,Italy. He was born near 1450 and died on 1498. His name was in Italian was Giovanni Caboto. Cabot lived in Vencie for a time where he married a women named Mattea. They had three sons : Ludovico, Sebastiano, and Sancio. Cabot lived in England in 1492. Cabot's son, Sancio, died with him. During the unsuccessful voyage of 1498

The start of Cabot's voyage

When Chrisopher Columbus made his historic voyage to America for Spain. When Cabot returned from his first voyage and announced that he had reached Asia, he was called "the great admiral." The king of England payed him a reward. Cabot claimed the places he landed for England. This gave the English the right to establish colonies in North America.

John Cabots pictures

John Cabot

John Cabots return

In 1498 Cabot once again sailed five ships west toward what he still thought was the Indies.The voyage is an historical mystery. One ship , heavily damaged by storms, returned to England. What happened to Cabot and the four ships is unknown. Like Christopher Columbus , John Cabot never realized his mistake. Instead of reaching the Indies , the two European explores had landed upon a new continent.