Social Studies

Colonial America

New England

Life was hard for some people in New England. Farmers had to dig into hard rocky soil. Some would live there life cutting timber from dense forests. The climate was cold. Since they were further north they had cold long winters. Some built ships, fished, and hunted for whales. From the whales they had hunted they made lamp oil, perfume, and candles. Others made furniture out of the timber.

New England settlers built towns on area's that looked vacant. Most of the time the land belonged to Native Americans often lead to conflict. They had a meeting house in the center of all the life in the town. The meeting house was used for town meeting that only allowed church men that owned land to vote at these meetings.

People who lived in New England had to follow very strict rules. They did not believe in free religion. They also banished people who didn't follow the churches rules. New England properties had to have schools. The trading laws were based off New England. The Great Awakening helped spread religious hope and feeling. The Puritans also created the Massachusetts Bay Colony for more religious freedom.

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Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies had a warmer climate and had richer soil to dig in. They would dig iron from the ground. They had a different style of living than any other colony. The roof shingles were split logs. Square logs formed the wall. Everybody lived in religious group.

New Netherlands was a thriving trade center. They allowed ships to trade with them. When England tried to take there land they refused to go into war. In 1674 England was in full control of new Netherlands. There were lots of jobs near the water.

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Southern Colonies

The Southern colonies had a pretty warm climate and had good wet soil good for farming things such as cash crops-tobacco and rice. The Southern colonies had flat land which also made it easier to farm.

They were royal colonies and only relied on slaves to do their work even planters and farmer made slaves do their work. African American slaves brought special knowledge like songs, writing, and ways of communicating with others. By 1760 they had millions of slaves working.

Georgia, one of the Southern Colonies, treated Native Americans well. They served a key military role in their part. They also all live in pretty large communities.

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Fun Facts About all Colonies

All three Colonies had settlements near a river. They had to build roads and bridges. They all cleared trees for farmers and harvested trees for timber to build furniture and houses. They all imported and exported things to each colony except for England because they limited it. All the colonies had to relay on England for products in trade. Cities became the center of wealth and there were lower,middle and high classes in all colonies.

Most women had up to 12 children. After slaves were set free they could become a slave for a different family:(. Slaves had very few rights and they only got food, clothing, and protection for working and doing everything that family orders his or her to do

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