Articles of confederation

By: Jose Sanchez


1. Governed the nation during the revolutionary war.

2. Negotiated the treaty of Paris at the end of the war.

3. Passed the land ordinance of 1787.

4. Passed the NORTHWEST ordinance.


1. Lacked power to enforce laws.

2. Lacked power to levy taxes.

3. Lacked power to regulate trade amount the states.

4. NO national ARMY.

Northwest Ordinance

Definition: a law that organized territory in the NW.

Importance: Every state in our country was organized by the NW ordinance.

Positive: territory can become a state.

Negative: 60,000 people needed to be a state.

Shays Rebellion

CAUSE: Farmers sent to jail because they couldn't pay taxes.

EFFECT: Shays leads a militia to shutdown the courthouses. No courthouses= no jail

Positive-lead to a strong central government.

Negative-A of C is too weak it needs to go.