The Colonies

The colonies were sectioned areas of land by immigrants

Who Colonized America

The colonization of America was almost completely done by Spain. In the 16th century, the Portuguese were the only other colonists. France and England tried to settle for agricultural reasons. They French and English, at some point, colonized Guiana. They divided the ownership with the Dutch. In the seventh century, the Swedes also became colonists.
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The Colonies in chronological order of when they were formed, and where they were located

Roanoke- The first colony, disappeared without any clues to where they were
Virginia- Southern Colonies, the first successful colony
New York- Middle Colonies
Massachusetts- New England Colonies

Maryland- Southern Colonies

Rhode Island- New England Colonies

Connecticut- New England Colonies
New Hampshire- New England Colonies
Delaware- Middle Colonies
North Carolina- Southern Colonies
South Carolina- Southern Colonies
New Jersey- Middle Colonies
Pennsylvania- Middle Colonies
Georgia- Southern Colonies

13 Colonies Song