My right way of thinking...

Made by the Erick Torres,ETmartian

My side, My way.

My hemisphere of the brain I work best with is the right. There is a difference between the right and left but I'm not here to tell you the differences, I'm here to tell you about my side of the story.

the best part of The Right.

There are some good things about being right sided of the brain.

  1. I'm not boring like left people( not saying that all lefties are boring) I'm very creative intuitive
  2. I'm imaginative. I like to imagine some pretty crazy things.
  3. can enjoy things better than most lefties,(once again I'm not saying lefties are unameused easily I'm just saying that they sound very boring) what I mean by that is that I'm fascinated by the most simplest thing and the most elaborate and crazy things.