Federal Programs Requirements

October 2021

Meeting Documentation

Documentation for development, review, and revisions of the CIP, DIP, CNA, and Parent Involvement plans should be retained at the district/campus level for 7 years (after the end of the grant period.)

Meeting documentation should include:

  • Invitations, Advertisements, Announcements - Includes documentation of invitations that are emailed, printed, texted, and those that are posted to social media, campus marquees, and/or phone call distribution systems.
  • Agendas - Include the date, time, place, and specific topics.
  • Minutes - Include the date, time, place, stakeholders present/absent, and input from stakeholders.
  • Sign-In Sheets - Include date, time, place, and role of each stakeholder.
  • Distribution Lists - Include how minutes & materials were distributed to those not in attendance.


Teachers & Paraprofessionals

Parents - not employed by the district

Community Members

Principals/School Leaders

District Leaders

Specialized Instructional Support Personnel

Students - secondary level

Program Leaders

Tribes/Tribal Organizations

Other - determined by school

District/Campus Improvement Plans & Needs Assessments

  • Meaningful Stakeholder Input - Stakeholders must be included in development, evaluation, and revision of plans. Stakeholders should be invited to participate in the process. If they are not able to attend, consider other options for input (ie. surveys, emailed questions for input, etc.)

  • Date - development date and revision date(s)

  • Ongoing - will likely require multiple meetings

  • CNA Process - When, Where, & What (process, areas examined, and data sources reviewed)

  • Activities funded with Title funds.

  • Location of CIP/DIP - Where can parents, staff, and community members view the CIP/DIP.

  • Language & Format - Plans should be translated and accommodated for those with disabilities.

  • How the LEA determined numbers for low income.

  • Evaluation of T1A program

Fiscal & Payroll Documentation

Campus Budgets - Per pupil amounts

SNS Methodology - or statement of exemption

Policies & Procedures - How federal funds spent (EDGAR, APM)

Public Comment - Federal funds

Evaluation - expenditures & activities

Time & Effort

Job Descriptions - Includes duties

Parent & Family Engagement

Each of the following should be documented:

PFE Written Policy & School - Parent Compact

  • Distribution of policy & compact - should include documentation of compact discussion during 1:1 parent/teacher conferences at the elementary level.
  • Evaluation Process - Committee review and revision at least one time per year with parents included in the process.
  • Translation & Accommodation availability

Parent Right to Know/Request Qualifications

  • Includes teacher and instructional paraprofessional qualifications
  • Document how letter distributed
  • Translation & Accommodation availability

Title 1 Meetings

  • Required in fall - at least 2 meetings
  • Meeting documentation - invitation, agenda, minutes, sign-in sheets, distribution (see Meeting Documentation)
  • Translation if applicable

PFE Activities

  • Ongoing throughout the year.
  • Include parents in planning and delivery
  • Meeting documentation
  • Translation if applicable

Student Achievement on State Assessments

  • How results were distributed to parents/guardians
  • Explanation of results
  • Translation & Accommodation

Value & Utility of Parent Involvement

Grant Application Resources


Portal to access eGrants and Expenditure Reporting


Information/Resources for all grant applications - including Program Guidelines & Provisions & Assurances.


TEA webpage with list of grant entitlements for each LEA.

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