Email Report

Pro Users: See who viewed your newsletter through email

If you sent your newsletter using our Mailing List feature or you manually entered email addresses into Smore, you can then track the status of these emails through the Email Report feature and confirm:

1. Your email was delivered successfully

2. Who opened your email and clicked on a link within the newsletter

3. If a viewer decided to unsubscribe

*Please note that only Pro users have access to the complete Email Report results.

If you are a Free user, you will only be able to view the first 5 email recipients.

If you would like to upgrade to Pro to get the full benefits of this feature, click here for more details.

Check out the guide below on how to access your Email Report:

1. Send your newsletter through email

Once you have completed your newsletter and clicked, "Done Editing," the Smore Promoter will appear at the top of the Editor. Click "Send a newsletter" and follow the steps to send a mass email. For more detailed information on sending out emails through Smore, click here.

2. Click "Email Report" or "Show Analytics" in the Editor

After you have sent your mass email, on the right side of the Editor, the orange "Email Report" button will activate on your newsletter.

You can also click on the blue "Show Analytics" button right above it. Then click on the "Email Report" tab within the Analytics window

A typical Email Report will look like this:

Big picture

"Export to Excel"

At the top right of the Email Report window, you will have the option to click on the gray "Export to Excel" button if you would like to track your analytics outside of the Smore Editor

Need more info?

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