Women & Children in the Goldfields

By Maryana


In 1851 there were approximately 400 women on the goldfield in Ballarat compared to about 12500 men. Most of these women were married.

Children and Education

Children moved schools often. Parents kept moving to flnd richer Goldfields. Often there was no schooling because there was no school built. Schools were made from tents. The roof was made from a canvas material.

roles and responsibilities

1. Cooking

2. Singing and dancing for diggers

3. Some women were diggers

4. Shopkeepers

5. Caring for children

6. Making bread, butter and jams


On the goldflelds many children died because of the foul muddy water they had to drink. Conditions were poor. Cemeteries were set up to bury the dead. People died from whooping cough, measles and other diseases because there were no hospitals. Women helped other women give birth because nurses and medicines were limited.