Chango Update

Summer Happenings August 2014

Shenendehowa Teachers working on Curriculum

Shenendehowa Curriculum Mapping continues!!! Elementary teachers from all of our schools are working together to map out our new LA series (1-5) Journeys. Math Curriculum work continues, and K-2 science mapping is taking place as well. When we get together in September time will be spent accessing the information so we can design amazing lessons to meet the needs of our students. Don't be afraid to look thru the work that is already posted!!!!

The Clean Team gets us ready to go!!!

Classrooms and Hallways, and Stairwells---oh my!!!!!

Chango cleaners do it again!!! Believe it or not, every classroom and office space has been cleaned prior to August 4th!!! Pete and his team are now working on the hallways, cafeteria, library and hallways. If you plan to visit, call in advance (518)-881-0520 to make sure you can access your instructional spaces. Chango looks great!!!!

Dates, Dates, and More Dates

I will be away from Chango from August 12 thru August 18. That is when I volunteer at the Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne. I am so excited---and to add to the excitement--Restaurant Impossible (TV show) will be re-vamping the dining area for one of their episodes during the week I attend!!!!! How cool is that? I will be back on August 19th. Chango's Walk-about is August 28th from 10am to noon. Our PTA will be providing staff members a continental breakfast in the staff room at 9am that day. Remember---Superintendent Conference day is Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

Calling all staff----Committee Representation Needed

Chango School partnership Team is in need of 2 more teacher members. Chiquitta Alexander is our sole teacher she is also working in Grade 1for 2014-15 it would be really helpful if we could have representation from teachers in Grade 2, 4, or 5. we are also in need of CSEA folks to join the team. we meet at 8am on Friday mornings---typically once a month (actually a bit less due to vacations).

Chango's Data Team really needs representation from one grade 2 teacher, one grade 4 teacher and one grade 5 teacher (we meet quarterly). Check with Meg, Chiquitta, Liz or Kristin as to the responsibilities. Perhaps you prefer evening meetings? You might be the perfect liaison for Chango PTA.

I value your time and expertise. if you have not been on a committee in recent years, please consider this an invitation to share your knowledge and passion to help all of Chango's students .