PreK II News

Week of December 1st

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What's SPECIAL this week?

*This week we are going to be starting our learning unit on Christmas! We will be learning about baby Jesus coming into our world to save us from our sins.
*We will be starting to learn our Christmas music for the upcoming Christmas Performance on December 19th!

*Chapel is on Friday!


*Please be sure to send your child to school ready for cold weather! We often go outside, so they will need coats, hats, gloves, and boots if it's snowy!
*We have openings for extended day on all school days! Some of our students could truly benefit from extra classroom time to get them ready for Kindergarten. If your budget will allow, please consider it for the new year and if you're interested, talk to Mrs. Wilson!
*Some of the children are playing "gun-type" games and even though it is a natural idea (especially for boys) is is not appropriate play for preschool. Please gently remind your children that that type of play is not going to be allowed at school.

Family Partnerships

*A BIG thank you to those who helped with the Thanksgiving Meal!!

*Have your child sing you the songs we are learning at school.

*Make an Advent Calendar with special things to do each day to help countdown to Christmas!

Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

Kindness isn’t taught, it’s learned. In order to be kind, you have to experience it at home, and most of that experience is learning it by example.

Here are four ways to bridge the kindness gap:
1. Walk the walk. Children understand kindness through everyday interactions with their parents.
2. Talk the talk — give them kind language. Kindness is the ability to take another person’s perspective and then tailor your words and actions accordingly.
3. Reward big acts of kindness, but don't go overboard. Reward “uncommon acts of kindness”
4. Force them out of their comfort zone to teach empathy. Kids should interact with people from different backgrounds, to learn how to place themselves in someone else’s shoes